Spring Tarot Reading

The  Cards

  • 1 & 2 – Me, now. The Wheel & The Moon
  • 3 & 4 – All that junk – and how to clean it. Six of Swords & The King.
  • 5, 6 & 7 – Fresh ideas. Eight of Cups, Knight of Pentacles, Page of Cups.
  • 8 – …and it really is time to chuck this out. Two of Pentacles.

The Wheel & The Moon:

The wheel tells us to take chances, reminding us that the fear of something bad happening is wasted energy because something good is always before or after. It’s also a reminder, for me personally, that we don’t have to wait for luck we can create out own whenever we need it – it’s all in out perspective. But while the wheel spins, putting everything in motion, we can get lost and forget to see things clearly. We can throw ourselves into things without thinking or make decisions without knowing the full extent of our actions. We may have to see things with a new perspective in order to push the wheel further, and not be afraid of its outcome.

Six of Swords & The King:

The Six of Swords reminds us that for something new to grow we need to remove what is not beneficial anymore. The tough decisions we are faced with are tough for a reason and while this may be challenging the six of swords reminds us that now is a time to look towards the future and the long-term results, while the King  reminds us to focus on how we will get there and move forward from what we are leaving behind.

Eight of Cups, Knight of Pentacles, Page of Cups:

The eight of cups relates directly to the six of swords and the king telling me that I will find something better if I walk away from what is causing me unnecessary stress, this card is a reminder to recuperate and not allow things to burn us out. As my first year of uni slowly comes to an end I’ve realized that I’ve thrown myself into work and kept myself a little too busy. Which leads into the knight of pentacles, I always struggle with this card and I think it’s because it reflects myself a lot as I can be very stubborn which makes it hard for me to live with chaos or accept it as something beneficial but I think spring will bring me a fresh perspective on this aspect of myself. The Page of cups warns me of coming news, a message or contract, with my search for a job and the many projects I want to start up this is a hopeful sign for creativity and the arrival of something new, fresh, and beneficial which I think is fitting for a spring reading.

Two of Pentacles:

I thought this was an interesting card to being in this position of the spread, but this week I’ve learned why it’s here. This is a message that I need to tell myself more. Sometimes it is okay to let things be thrown off balance, organized chaos, and chaos in general – it all reminds us that there are two sides to everything and we can’t truly enjoy the sun without having a few clouds to look at. In this sense, the card is telling me to let the order be thrown out the window because sometimes to realize what we want or need, and to notice what is missing we need to have everything blow up in our faces. This not only pushes the six of swords and the eight of cups but supports them as well, they each drive each other to a realization, action, and then change. This was also the last card for my 2017 reading so I’m guessing the two of pentacles is going to be a prominent figure this year.


Tarot spread by http://littleredtarot.com/spring-cleaning-tarot-spread/


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