Let’s Talk: Birth Arcana

Just as we all are born under a star sign and astrology believes we are affected by the position of the stars at the time we are born. TheTarot has set of cards which are believed to impact us in much the same way, suggesting our desired, personality etc. Personally, I use these cards to represent myself in personal readings that I intend to go into a lot of depth with.

Finding your birth arcana:

To find your birth arcana you simply calculate your birthday – Month + Day + Year = number – example:  09(month) + 17(day) + 19 + 96(year) = 141 
Usually, if the number is two digits you would add them together and then add then add the final number together, for example, 9+2=11 (this is your first card 11) then you would do 1+1=2 (to get your second card) In the case where you have three you take the first two digits (14) as your card and the add the third digit to get your second (15).
These numbers relate to the major arcana cards The Lovers and The Devil.

The Lovers, The Devil, and Me:

I think my birth arcana affect me in a very particular way, bringing both balance and chaos at the same time, it’s almost like a paradox to have the lovers and the devil so closely related to each other. I think that both have a hold on the material world and physical aspects of my life, but I think the devil affects my beliefs and spirituality more than the lovers and he has the most impact on my mind and thoughts. While the lovers are mostly related to my desires, passions, and choices of my life.
The Devil is a trickster; he is smart, cunning, and precise. He reminds us that we are always in control until we give our power to others, this is something that I live by, I am a firm believer that we give people and things power over us but we always have a choice and we can always take our power back.
Whereas the lovers show duplicity, balance, and harmony – something we can strive for and attain. They also represent the many choices and interests life has to offer and the many forked paths I may come across.


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