The Raven Dress

The black Cadillac rolled up to the house as the sun was setting, leaving the old iron gates behind its’ darkness. She stepped out of the vintage car, ruffling the black dress she flattened out any creases and fixed the silver jewels around her wrist and neck. She then took a mirror from the clutch bag that matched her dress; web laced around the front and back, she checked her midnight hair was still held by the pins she used to keep the stiff curls pushed up and to the back.

She entered through the deep wooden doors of the masquerade ball with a raven mask; layers of black expanding to her eyebrows and a thick beak to cover her mouth. Standing on a balcony, which floated between two sets of pearl stairs; the interior of the house did not match the old skin outside; she watched the ballroom, which was filled with people wearing an array of masks and dresses or suits to match.
The man on the balcony echoed her name to announce her arrival – Miss Eleanor Carter, which would be the name she wore for tonight along with the raven dress and feathered mask.
Before her descent into the festivities beyond the man in the navy blue tailored jacket handed her a card with her name, the back was home to a small biography of her character.

After ordering a strawberry and apple martini from the bar a man wearing a silver mask, lined with scales which curled up into a scorpion’s tail, introduced himself as Jason Carter.
“I guess we’re siblings for the evening.” He spoke in a caramel tone.
“I guess we are.” Eleanor replied before taking her drink from the bars marble surface.
“I’m glad you could make it.” He continued, Jason ordered a glass of scotch and whispered into Eleanor’s ear before leaving her at the bar “And so it begins.”


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