14/04/15 Oracle Reading


|| What should I be putting my energy into? ||

Ceremony • Water • Fire

A comapss cannot guide you down this path, and there is no map to follow either.
It is easy to feel lost while trying to find something not many search for,
If you wish to find yourself, start by looking in the mirror.

Recently, I’ve been finding it hard to focus and do work because I’ve been dissociating on and off for a while. I’ve been so focused on stress and just trying to get things done that I’ve neglected actually dealing with some emotions – it’s taken the passion out of things.
I found the answer the cards gave to be quite funny since all day I have been thinking about going back to dabbling in meditation and really taking the time to think and reflect on things, that is what I’m taking the ceremony card to mean in this case.

I need to put my energy into looking deeply at my emotions, working through things, and more importantly taking the time to just be – be present, be with my emotions, being in tune with myself. I need to find myself again.
With the addition of the water and the fire cards, I think they represent the need to work through any bottled up thoughts, emotions etc


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