Spreading The Joy || Tarot Reading 26/04/17


What is Joy to me? – The Moon.
In simple terms, the truth. Even if it hurt for a while or it’s something that I don’t really want to hear the truth to me will always be the best thing to get from myself and others. Knowing what’s happening and how I can help, instead of being left on the sidelines and trying to figure out what’s happening – I’d rather play an active role in things instead of sitting around doing nothing waiting, dreaming, or wishing for something to happen. Joy to me is going out and finding your happiness, being true and not just simply wishing but doing.

Where do I find Joy the easiest? – Death.
I found this to be a strange card in this position but in all honesty, it’s very accurate. I find joy in being able to change, if I’m stuck or feeling like the Hanged-Man I get depressed. The knowledge that I can change a situation, recreate who I am, or walk down a different path brings me Joy and security.

Where must I work to find Joy? – Nine of Wands.
I need to work on being patient and allowing things time to happen, seeds don’t grow overnight. Instead of being agitated and almost too eager to do something I need to let things slow down and allow myself to see things through to their conclusion instead of getting wrapped up and lost in everything life throws at me.

What do I allow to block my Joy – The Tower.
For me, the tower doesn’t just represent to need for life-changing events, it represents the walls we build around ourselves to keep us safe while in the process trapping ourselves inside a tower of our own making. I need to shake free all the things that I allow to cling to me through time, instead of listing my regret I should go out and make new moments of happiness, memories I won’t regret.

What should I watch to learn more about finding Joy? – Nine of Coins.
I need to look at how much I’ve grown, the walls I’ve overcome, and the changes I’ve made to my life in order to find happiness. If I  ignore the changes that happen or fall back into old ways it will all be for nothing. Everything regresses back to the mean but this doesn’t mean that we have to regress with them.

What Joy is the universe gifting to me at this time? – The Devil.
People sometimes find it hard to find the positive side of The Devil, they sometimes fear it because it is linked to a lack of control and a struggle for freedom and will. But the devil reminds us to truly know ourselves- every deep dark part of ourselves. It reminds me of the saying that “for us to know the light we must know darkness” every candle casts its own shadow, and every human has very complex aspects of their being. We all have things we see as good and bad, but the devil tells us there is power in controlling and understanding both – there is freedom.


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