Ink Project | Photography

I can not wait to get started on my new project. For the past few days, I’ve been doing some research and preparing. I still have to download photoshop on my new computer but besides that, all I have to do then is get the supplies to hopefully spend a few weeks over summer seeing how this project goes.

For this project, I’m mostly looking at photographer Alberto Seveso and you should really go check out his website  I especially like his ‘Trivial Expose’ not only is the ink photography interesting by itself but I really like the idea of creating a double exposure piece from them. I’m also using Mark Mawson as inspiration, mostly for his color combinations that are just really appealing to the eye from his ‘Aqueous Pastels’ album on his website. My first few photos will be experimenting with different styles, liquids, colors, and methods. But afterward, I plan on trying some double exposure photos with objects like flowers.

Trying to figure out this New photography project!! #inkphotography #boomerang #ink #photography

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I’m thinking of using a miniature photography booth which is essentially a cube with all white backgrounds and four lights; two on the background, and two at the front of a small or medium fish tank I’ll be using. This Instagram boomerang is made using milk and copper paint just to see how it would work.
I’m going to be experimenting with the camera settings in the first few attempts but I’m thinking of using a 10-second timer with a continuous shutter speed as in tutorials I’ve been looking at in research for this project I’ve noticed this technique made up for the lack of an external or wireless camera trigger.


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