#TheJulyTarot | 01/07/2017


Today we start #thejulytarot by @lionharts
For this reading, we’re asking what the month of July holds and I chose to ask what part of that overall theme we should be focusing on specifically.

Temperance asks her friends Unity and Connection to help her find balance in the different dualities this coming month.
The two of Cups reminds her that balance can be found and deeper connections are made through understanding that everything has another half, shadows to light, fire to water and so on.
Instead of looking for opposites we can allow ourselves to see the connections they share and the energies ‘opposing’ forces can bring to each other as they work together. The depths of an ocean, and the fire of a sun, can come together to bring life to an entire planet or take it away.
Sometimes things become unbalanced so we can find a deeper sense of understanding.

As July is the 7th month of the year it’s a month of understanding and seeking. It’s appropriate to get cards with a meaning of searching, especially finding balance and a sense of harmony in the multitude of energies that life brings to us.


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