My name is Ciaran, it’s Gaelic.
I’m 20 years old and I live in the UK. Currently, I’m studying a Bachelor of Arts combined honors degree in criminology, philosophy & ethics. I’d describe myself as an amateur photographer who’s good with photoshop, and a bookworm who likes to try his hand at writing, with an eclectic set of interests and tastes.

I want to use this space to post my photography, document my tarot readings and divination, talk about books I’m reading or have read, and discuss ideas for short stories I am writing as part of a 2017 project and any other projects I decide to throw into the mix.
While I’m studying my degree I may post about topics I find interesting in criminology and philosophy as a way to further my study.

Overall, this is mostly a personal space where you’re welcome to look around if you’re interested.

You can view my astrology chart here >>> 2017/04/26/my-astrology-chart/

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Under the ‘Tarot Cards and Divination‘ menu, you will find all my personal divination readings which I choose to share and record here as well as my Let’s Talk Divination posts where I talking about my personal experiences with divination, techniques, and methods, and any other information on the divination tools I use.

Under the ‘Books & Writing‘ menu, you will find all my writing posts from my own writing pieces or drafts, to character profiles, projects, and Let’s Talk posts where I talk about my experiences and ideas with writing, as well as book reviews.

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Disclaimer: This blog is personal, everything and anything you see here are personal opinions, based on personal experience, or for personal use only. I am in no way a professional and so the information from this website should be used at your own discretion, I am in no way responsible for actions taken based on posts from this website.
All the photos are original and owned by me, any use of these images without my permission is not warranted. All of the writings are fictitious and while they may seem to reflect some real people or events they are purely used in a creative and imaginative way, any other post is solely personal and should not be taken as fact.